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Connectivity Solutions

As a leader in Laboratory technology, Enzo Clinical Labs, Inc. offers physicians several choices for electronic order and result delivery. Physicians can select from various connectivity options including, our proprietary laboratory information system and secure state of the art web portal product, EZCOMM auto-result printing utility or Auto-Fax. Enzo Clinical Labs, Inc. also has the ability to interface to any EMR system through our onsite proprietary Interface Engine.

EnzoDirectTM brings a dynamic advantage to communication technology designed to unite your office and our laboratory. Our system is a state-of-the-art web portal product which allows you direct and secure access to your patient results. Our ultra-compact modular PC delivers full desktop power and functionality. In addition, provides you with Generic Requisition ordering, cumulative report and graphing capability, Patient Education Module, Medical Necessity verification, Add-On functionality, Custom Reporting, Report Faxing capabilities, Electronic Supply Ordering and a 24/7 IT support staff.

EMR Integrations

As the healthcare industry has transitioned into the EMR age, the Enzo interface engine is an integral part of our daily operations. With the requirements and trends of the healthcare industry constantly changing, Enzo is on the cutting edge of laboratory technology with the development of an on-site proprietary Interface engine. The Enzo Interface Engine allows us to easily and quickly implement new interfaces as well as maintain and modify our existing interfaces. As EMR systems continue to be a key component in the healthcare industry, the Enzo interface engine has allowed Enzo Clinical labs, Inc. to position itself as a leader in technology moving forward in the lab industry.

EZCOMM Result Printing

EZCOMM result printing offers physicians the ability to securely auto-print results in their office. The availability and timely receipt of results to physicians is crucial for providing outstanding patient care. EZCOMM completely eliminates user interaction for result retrieval; results are automatically and securely pulled and printed within minutes of lab results being released by the lab. The scalability of EZCOMM makes it so physicians do not have to be tied down to a specific timeframe. Physicians have the option of choosing from a variety of options for auto result printing.    


Enzo Clinical Labs can provide your practice with fax delivery of all or some of your results automatically with our Auto-fax system. You may also request fax-on-demand for specific reports.

EnzoDirect™ Patient Portal

As a leader in laboratory technology, Enzo has also developed the Enzo Patient Portal. The portal allows patients to view and print their own Enzo Lab Results at any time with secure and easy access. With regulations trending toward patients having the ability to access their lab results on demand, Enzo has created this secure feature to provide for better patient care. Please speak with your representative for more information.

Disclaimer: Current regulations prohibit our laboratory from releasing results directly to patients.