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Test Compendium

1396: Zika Virus Comprehensive RNA RT-PCR, Serum & Urine

Test Code

  • 1396

Test Synonym


Minimum Volume

  • See Below

Specimen Requirements

  • Serum and Urine


  • See Special Instructions


  • Refrigerated

Turn Around Time

  • 4 days

Special Instructions

  • Serum, EDTA-whole blood and urine are the acceptable types of specimens. Serum is the primary and preferred type of specimen. Always send paired serum sample when a urine specimen is collected for Zika virus RNA testing. Collect 2.0 mL of serum or 4.0-5.0 ml of whole blood using an EDTA (lavender-top) tube per standard phlebotomy procedure. Collect 2.0-5.0 ml urine sample urine sample in sterile container. The minimum volume of specimen is 0.5 mL of EDTA-plasma, serum or urine.

Additional Information

  • Blood specimen should be collect within 7 days after onset of symptoms if any; urine should be collected within 14 days after onset of symptoms if possible.

Specimen Stability

  • Transport serum, EDTA-blood or urine sample to the laboratory at refrigerated or room temperatures (2°C to 25°C) as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after collection. Keep specimen at refrigerated conditions while waiting for delivery to the lab.