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Test Compendium

Test Name


Test Code

  • 3078

Test Synonym

  • Varicella zoster, Rapid Culture, CULTURE, VARICELLA

Specimen Type

  • Viral

Primary Container

  • Viral Transport Medium

Transport Temp

  • Refrigerated


  • 7 days

Specimen Requirements

  • Viral Transport Medium - shipped and stored cool

Specimen Retention

  • Submit vesicle fluid or scrapings in a Viral Transport Medium. Do NOT prepare collection site with alcohol or iodophors. Vesicle fluid from several vesicles can be pooled and added to viral transport medium. Alternatively, the bases of several freshly unroofed lesions can be vigorously sampled with a sterile swab that subsequently should be placed into cold viral transport medium and sent to the laboratory as soon as possible. Keep specimens cold and moist. Do not store or transport at room temp. Sample over 72 hours old maybe rejected by the lab