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Test Compendium

Test Name


Test Code

  • 4058

Test Synonym

  • Culture, Acid Fast w/Stain, AFB CULTURE,Mycobacteria Culture and Smear

Specimen Type

  • Sputum

Primary Container

  • Sterile Container, Green Top Tube, Isolator Tubes

Transport Temp

  • Refrigerated


  • 60 days

Specimen Requirements

  • 5 mL sputum or respiratory aspirate, 10 mL whole blood, 2 cm(3) tissue, 5 mL CSF, 5 cc bone marrow (or as much as possible), 50 mL body fluid (e.g., gastric aspirate/lavage, urine, pleural, pericardial, chronic peritoneal dialysate), 10 mL stool, biopsy of . Sterile container with tight screw-cap seal or green-top (sodium heparin) tube or Isolator

Specimen Retention

  • Sterile container(1) with tight screw-cap seal, green-top (sodium heparin) or Isolator (TM) for bone marrow; sterile container or a securely sealed slide holder for pre-inoculated microscope slide (bronchial brush ONLY). Sputum, bronchial washing/lavage, tissue, body fluid, stool, skin, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, bone marrow, microscope slide prepared during specimen collection procedures for bronchial brushes only.