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Test Compendium

Test Name


Test Code

  • 6825

Test Synonym

  • Influenza Type A and B Antibodies, Serum

Minimum Volume

  • 0.5 mL

Specimen Type

  • Serum

Primary Container

  • Serum Separator Tube, Plain Red Top Tube, Transfer Tube- Serum

Transport Temp

  • Refrigerated


  • 5 days

Specimen Requirements

  • 1 mL serum from SST or from a Red Top tube

Specimen Retention

  • Serum - SST or Red Top (if Red Top separate from cells and transfer) Acute and convalescent specimens must be labeled as such; PLEASE MARK SPECIMEN PLAINLY AS ACUTE OR CONVALESCENT. Acute and Convalescent specimens must be submitted on separate test requisitions. Please Note: This test should not be used to detect H1N1 Influenza A