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Test Compendium

Test Name


Test Code

  • 8111

Test Synonym


Minimum Volume

  • 3 mL

Specimen Type

  • Serum

Primary Container

  • Serum Separator Tube

Transport Temp

  • Ambient

Specimen Requirements

  • 5mL serum . Send the complete specimen in the original tube. Do NOT pour off.

Specimen Retention

  • SST (gel-barrier) The following information must be provided: gestational age, date on which the patient was the stated gestational age, how gestational age was determined (LMP, EDD, US), patient's weight, patient's date of birth, patient's race (white, black, other) and insulin-dependent diabetic status. Also indicate relevant patient history (e.g., prior neural tube defects, Down syndrome, ultrasound anomalies, or previous maternal serum screening specimen during this pregnancy). Complete information is necessary to interpret the test. Patient information may be provided to the laboratory using a requisition with Maternal Screening questions. Specimens must be collected before amniocentesis. Down syndrome screening is offered for gestational ages 15.0 to 21.9 weeks. Open spina bifida screening is offered for gestational ages 15.0 to 23.9 weeks. The optimal gestational age for open spina bifida screening is 16.0 to 18.9 weeks.