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Test Compendium


Test Code

  • 8892

Test Synonym

  • FNA Biopsy


  • 25 mL

Minimum Volume

  • 0.5 mL

Specimen Requirements

  • Fluid


  • Slide Specimen, Sterile Container


  • Ambient

Turn Around Time

  • 2 days

Special Instructions

  • Mix Specimen With 50% Alcohol, Cytolyt Or Saccomanno Solution

Additional Information

  • FNA’s can come from a variety of body sites. For all body sites, submit four conventional slides if possible, two immediately spray-fixed and two air dried. If fluid is left over in the syringe, submit in a sterile container, and add either Cytolyt, Saccomanno fluid, or alcohol, in a 50-50 mix of specimen to fixative, if possible. It is especially important to provide the body site of the specimen and relevant clinical information on the requisition when submitting FNA’s for Non-GYN cytology. For example, if sending in a thyroid FNA, the size of the lesion, whether cold or cot, cystic or solid, etc. is important information to give the laboratory

Specimen Stability

  • 30 days in a fixative at room temperature